When it comes to design, you want to look good. Really good! It doesn’t hurt to have some function to go with the form. And if there’s meaning behind the pixels and dots then all the merrier.

That’s why we are here to help you design the best logo, brochure, video, website or whatchamacallit. It’s not a matter of slapping down the first idea in our head and sending you the invoice. We will work with you to help craft the most effective product that your company needs. Meaning and intentionality are imbued into every stroke, click and touch. Our desire is not for you to look good but to make you look better by helping you take the best aspects of your project and shining the light brightly upon them.

Chez Seigneur is a multimedia design house specializing in graphic design, video production & editing, illustration and art.

Contact us at info@chezseigneur.com  _  573.248.4842