Church Design Work

We live in a visual society. Most of our information is consumed through some type of visual. That is why it is so important for churches to meet or exceed the visual standard set by our society. To have well designed identity and communication materials is imperative to be able to pierce through the media noise and commotion that we live with everyday. Does this mean altering the message. Absolutely not. We are confronted with choices everyday that we will make, consciously or subconsciously, based on good or bad design.

When it comes to helping churches establish well designed identities, Chez Seigneur is here to help you!

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Below are a few examples of our work in different areas that your church could also do. You may want to do something like every single example or you may wish to only do one or two to start. We can help you evaluate what’s your next step. Your next project may not be listed here but we can still help you. At the end of the page is a sampling of our video work.

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Logo design & Corporate Identity

Your branding is the most important aspect of your visual identity. A logo communicates who you see yourself as, whats important to you and what you want others to see in you. All of that in a small package. It’s important for you and your church to create a good foundation for which to build off of for your branding strategy.

The logo is the first step of the process. We will work with you to get to know who you are as a church and help design an identity that will properly communicate that with your community. Corporate identity is a term used for your business cards, letterhead and envelopes. These can be quickly overlooked but they are the first line in getting you name out to those who you want to reach. If there is one thing that you want with your brand, it’s consistency. One important way we ingest info is through repetition. So the more times someone sees your logo laid out in the same way and using the same color scheme, the more apt they are to remember you.

Bulletin, banner, signage, visitor materials

To continue on the front of consistency, it’s important to communicate in this fashion when you introduce a new logo or are redesigning an old one. We can create a style guide for your church’s branding and utilize it across multiple avenues. When a visitor walks into your church, one of the first pieces of information that they will come across is your bulletin. This one piece is crucial to passing on information about who you are as a church to a visitor but also info to your regular attenders as well. Use your brand as the container to hold this info.

Another item that a visitor will encounter is your signage. What better way to welcome guests to your church and also give directions than signs and banners placed throughout their experience. Another reason to utilize your branding for signage is that when someone sees your logo on a banner, poster or room sign, they realize the added importance that this officially comes from the church. It’s like a stamp of approval.

When a visitor is given materials from your church, you don’t want them wondering what church this came from when they get home or a few weeks later when they find your visitor card in their purse.

Brochures, pamphlets, booklets

Part of your communication materials can be a brochure that contains all of the info about your church that a visitor would need. If they have a chance to gather the details that they need while visiting, then you can have a brochure that can share your purpose, vision and beliefs. If you don’t know what this is then we can help you produce them.

Pamphlets can take info from some of the ministries of your church and break it out into a separate piece. Multiple pamphlets can be put together into a packet to tell about ministries and groups that may be of interest for a visitor.

Camps, retreats and conferences will need a booklet provided to the attendees. We can help compile the info and design the piece to communicate the info properly. These pieces can be designed to print from your on location printers or we can work with a commercial printer.

Newspaper & Magazine ads

For the times that you need to communicate to people outside your church, utilizing newspapers and magazines can be very effective. For special events, services and conferences, placing an ad in your local newspaper can reach a new demographic of people.

Postcards & Direct mail

Another avenue to publicize your next upcoming event is utilizing direct mail pieces. Postcards and direct mailings can give your targeted results for reaching people in specific locations and demographics. If you want to blanket a large group of people or area, this is the way to go.


When your worship team releases their new album, we can help design all of the elements of their next big hit.


T-shirt design can be a much overlooked aspect of your ministry group’s next event. Does your youth group want a shirt for their mission trip to Ecuador? Do you want a coordinated look as your men’s ministry helps clean up after a tornado hits a nearby town? How many of your kids would want a shirt after the experience of VBS? Would your softball team feel more competitive with a sweet new uniform design? A camp shirt that even the adults would want to wear?

No matter what your design needs are for your church, Chez Seigneur can help you look your best as you spread the Gospel! Contact us today to discuss the direction of your next project.

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