Church Video Work

Video Examples

Video is an extremely powerful medium to tell stories, package information and communicate. These moving pictures have the capability to engage people on levels that mere words or pictures could never dream of doing. Over the years we have seen the impact of videos explode off of the screen. We take pride in using every medium to help accomplish goals of our clients and help share stories of what God is doing in the life of the church. There’s an extra dose of passion in our tanks when we get to capture, create and communicate through videos, movies and films. Here are some ways that we can help!

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Promo video

Many people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. It’s a 30 or 60 second glimpse into a particular world. Commercials and promotional videos can take a long story and sum it up into a few sentences. The idea is easily digestible and much easier to understand. This is why there is such a large market in movie trailers. Short, sweet and too the point. Whether it’s a recap of an event you just had or it’s promoting an upcoming activity, group or service, we can help you produce this.

Sermon Message series package

The most exciting design package we have to offer is the sermon message series. This is the entire package that can go towards promoting a specific message series that your church will do. After our Art Director worked for a couple of churches creating these packages, he knew that he wanted to offer these same services to other churches. A well designed message series package can help elevate the retention of the series as a whole and the individual messages within it. When it has become more difficult to penetrate the minds of our culture today, it is imperative to be able to reach your congregation by embracing the very senses that give you access to their minds and hearts.

What does a sermon message series package include? Here are some examples:

  • series branding
  • PowerPoint slides
  • message bumper
  • bulletin
  • direct mail/postcard
  • posters and other signage
  • t-shirts
  • promotional items (stickers, tickets, trinkets, giveaways etc)
  • stage design
  • promo video
  • sermon notes
  • devotional booklet
  • website
  • TV commercial
  • newspaper ad

The possibilities are endless. We can help you create and produce these to your own unique needs.


Music Video

MTV launched the music video craze and now it is an ever present and growing reality in many of our churches. With multiple screens hanging in auditoriums, the presence of video projected while music is played during worship time or with a special can add that one additional element to make the song that much more memorable. We can work with you to produce a music video that’s just right for your service or event.

Testimonial Video

The word of your testimony is powerful! God does amazing works of love in His people and when you get to hear what He is doing in someone’s life, it can be a life changing moment in another’s life. Testimony videos can be impactful to those that hear but also to the one’s who are sharing the story.

Capital Campaign

There are many parts in the execution of a capital campaign. Our belief is that good design can help propel any idea further. This is no exception. When trying to ask someone for money, you want to look good and show that you have it all together. We can help you as you prepare all of your materials. Here are some possible elements:

  • Branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Brochure
  • Campaign video
  • Testimonial videos
  • Giving packet
  • Message series package
  • Direct mail packet
  • Posters & banners

No matter what your video needs are for your church, Chez Seigneur can help you look your best as you spread the Gospel! Contact us today to discuss the direction of your next project.