Private commission

Ecclesiastes 4:12b
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Chord3 smThe symbolism in content and composition is vast in this painting. At the center of the painting, a woman stands embraced by her husband, his arms completely enveloping her. One arm reaches up to hold onto his arm to reciprocate his loving hug and one arm cradles her own body. Behind him stands Jesus, radiant and full of glory, with one hand on the husband’s shoulder and one hand outstretched. Their unity is visually apparent, their love overflows for each other. Jesus’ right hand on the husband’s shoulder represents His presence in their marriage and His abounding love. His left hand outstretched represents His guidance in their marriage. He is showing them the way to go.

The three people are flanked by 3 entwined circles and a triangle. The three circles represent the chord of three, the relationship between the husband, wife and Jesus. Thetriangle symbolizes the Trinity–Father, Son and Holy Spirt. Each member of the Trinity is depicted on the canvas. Jesus is standing behind the husband. God’s hands are coming in from each side of the canvas, appearing much like clouds. The Spirit is depicted by the various textures throughout the composition.

The chord of three is literally depicted on the canvas as well. There is three stings entering the artwork on the left side and traveling across the painting until they weave themselves into a web of string. This represents the chord of three but also how the relationship begins to knit it self into the connection with the other two. The top string on the left comes from the brown rectangular area. This brown section represents the Bible and the string that comes from there symbolizes Jesus, the Word of God.

Chord3 BL smOne of the greatest elements of the painting cannot be seen with the naked eye. It needs a little help. By using a black light maybe sections of the painting will literally light up before your eyes. The Word of God will come alive on the left with passages from 1 Corinthians 13 are written out in alternating translations of the Bible from the NIV and then the Message. In the background you will see the stars shinning brightly in the universe. The greatest evidence of what can only be seen with our “new” eyes is that of Jesus’ glory and holiness.

“…when I briefly described what I was imagining in a gift for our 14th wedding anniversary, Todd simply said, “got it” …not only did his painting nail it but his talent took my vision to a place I didn’t even know existed on canvas… through Todd’s amazing gift, our marriage and our home has been blessed with what quite literally feels like a physical presence of God every day” ~ Joe & Christine
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