If a picture is worth a thousand words, how impactful is a video running at 24 frames per second? Video is a powerful medium. Would you rather see one image or a sequence of them creating movement and interest?

Set a kid in front of the TV and you have a babysitter. Tap the play button on your phone and the commute on the train seems a little more palatable. You’re sucked into staring at the video screen on the  gas pump during your “free time” as you fill up your car. Remember that a lot of us watch the Superbowl for the commercials!

Now take this potential and utilize it for yourself. Does seeing a beautifully lit and constructed photo of a towering cheeseburger with the works make you want to eat it or is it the :30 second commercial of some guy sitting on his couch surrounded by friends and food as he takes a huge bite into the same burger? With the advent of the camera phone and the capability to take videos with it, people want to capture life and be a part of a story that’s bigger than themselves.

Moving pictures is more than just putting a collection of pictures together. When we work on a video, film or short, the story is paramount. Without it you have just wasted your time watching something meaningless. We want to help craft your story. Look over our work and the inspiration for your next video may come to you.